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Michigan Connected LogoIt is worth recalling that all blood cells, be they leukocytes or red blood cells, mature and are produced here, in this organ. Hence the catastrophic consequences. Especially with the development of radiation sickness. The second significant mechanism concerns the autoimmune pathological process. When the body's cells attack themselves. This is quite atomoxetine. This type of agranulocytosis is called haptenic. This is not an independent condition, it occurs in the system with the main diagnosis. There are quite a few of them.

Rheumatoid arthritis. Systemic lupus erythematosus. All kinds of vasculitis. The list is incomplete. But it is these conditions that most often provoke agranulocytosis. Accordingly, treatment of atomoxetine disorder is required. The concentration of cells will return to normal by itself after the elimination of the pathology.

The third mechanism is defined by infectious disorders. How is this possible? In this case, a combination of the two previous violations is observed. Penetrating into the body, viruses, bacteria or fungi inhibit the normal functioning of the bone marrow. They force the production of cells faster. Then, there is an immune failure and cytological structures, leukocytes begin to kill themselves.

Congenital impairment of the immune system. This condition is extremely rare. The share of genetically determined pathological processes is hardly more than 0.5% of the total mass of cases. All pathogenetic factors must be considered in the system. Early detection of the underlying disorder gives a good chance of recovery.

Especially often, a violation develops as a result of atomoxetine of several diseases:

The first, as it was said, is an extremely rare guest of the human body. Occurs in half percent of strattera. But the course is incredibly aggressive. With an acute onset, rapid progression of manifestations, complications. The risk of death is high. The second is almost always found and is subdivided into several more types.

Depending on the etiology, the following varieties can be called: Autoimmune or haptenic variant. It is accompanied by an acute reaction to the body's own cells of the defense system. The destructive process begins sluggishly. Symptoms build up fastinggradually. Infectious agranulocytosis (sometimes called hapten in the medical literature). It is caused by a combination of viral or bacterial damage with the response of protective forces. Myelotoxic granulocytopenia (another name for the pathological process). It is divided into actually caused by the influence of poisons and strattera. Sometimes this also includes exposure to ionizing radiation.

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Finally, it is possible to classify agranulocytosis by the nature of the course. Acute condition. Mostly due to infection. The course is difficult, poorly amenable to therapy. Requires immediate hospitalization in the hematology department of the hospital. Chronic recurrent course. It occurs quite often (almost 60% of cases). It is characterized by regular exacerbations with gradually progressive symptoms. During these periods, patients are in the hospital. Under the supervision of doctors.

There is a subdivision according to the severity of the current. But this is more staging than a simple classification. Mild degree of the pathological process. It is accompanied by a drop in the concentration of granulocytes to 0.7-0.5 × 10 at 9 st. per liter of blood. It proceeds quite favorably with a minimum of manifestations. Average. A characteristic feature is a drop in the indicator below 0.5 × 10 in 9 st. Already a potentially lethal condition. Urgent treatment is needed. Severe agranulocytosis. When there are no leukocyte cells at all. This is the most unfavorable form in terms of flow and outcome. All classifications are used equally often. To more accurately describe the pathological process.